Her works are listed in the catalogues of the Leipzig National Library and Dresden National Library in Germany. In Azerbaijan they are registered in the National Library and the State Archive of Azerbaijan. Nourida Ateshi has published 18 books and over 100 articles on culture, history, non-fiction and literature in Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russian, English and German. During the last ten years she has focused on scientific investigations of the history and archaeology of the Caucasus.

Many of her poems are published in the German anthology “Prosa und Lyrik unserer Zeit” (prose and poetry of our time) (published in Karin Fischer Verlag). Under the heading “Butterfly & Flame” (Matthes & Seitz, Berlin 2008), together with Jan Weinert she published translations and adaptations of ancient Azerbaijani love poetry from more than 1000 years to German. Many of her poems were used as lyrics for songs in Azerbaijan, Turkey and Iran, and some of them became hits. Her book of poetry “Fire daughter” (published in German) provided the basis for an instrumental composition, which was performed for the first time in Detmold in 2009.

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