Dear visitors! Welcome to my website! In fact as a poetess, a journalist and a writer I have gained plenty of achievements and proved myself in an international arena. Besides, I have defended my PhD dissertation in Philosophy in one of the most prestigious universities of Moscow. Probably you might wonder why after all I decided to become a historian and an archeologist. There would not be such a need if I had not found out many mistakes, errors, ommissions in historic publications written in Western Europe. It is really astonishing that some German, French, and Italian researchers visited the Caucasus only one week, some not more than one or two days and right away decided to publish on the history of the Caucasus or of the UNESCO World Heritage Gobustan.     Those publications are not beeing based on reliable scientific research, and the main concern is that publications written by these authors can lead to errors in the interpretation of history due to their superficial, subjective and non-scientific character. Unfortunately, these materials and books are being used and will be used in hundreds of not yet written dissertations and monographs as reliable sources. It is true that Russian experts have done a lot of research of the Caucasian region, but as we know in the Soviet Union this research had to be based on the principles of Marxism-Leninism. On the other hand, most of the modern publications are usually presented in the spirit of nationalism dominating historic research in the  post-Soviet republics. During my research of the last 5 years, I became feeling more and more responsible to analyze the archeological materials about the Caucasus, written within the last 100-150 years in different countries. There is no doubt that the results of this research will largely contribute to our knowledge of the history of the Caucasus. Maybe together with scientists from Azerbaijan, Russia, Germany and other European countries we could shed new light on the dark pages of Caucasian history through the re-examination of the archeological materials recently found with the help of newly developed archeological technology, contributing for the Caucasus to take its rightful place in the world history books. There is a long way ahead, sometimes very difficult but at the same time rewarding with enriching experiences. Let us open a window for the world to discover and understand the fascinating Caucasian mountains and the nations living there; and at the end  the legends and myths will be transformed into real history! Yours sincerely, Nurida Ateshi